List Price (tax paid): GBP2,220,000
Premium Price: EUR350,000 (cut down from 650,000EUR)            
Total Car Price: GBP2,514,000* = GBP2,220,000 + GBP294,000* (EUR350,000EUR)
Dealer Commission 3%: GBP75,420*
Total Amount: GBP2,589,420* = GBP2,220,000 + EUR350,000 +3%
*It may change by the exchange rate.
Today’s exchange rate is 1EUR=0.84GBP.
Prices for options will be added separately.
Payment Method
Ø  First Payment On execution of contract: GBP1,169,420* = GBP800,000 + EUR350,000 + 3%
Ø  Second Payment  Upon selection of options                    Additional amount for options
Ø  Third Payment    Upon completion of the vehicle              GBP1,420,000
- Any other payments invoiced by manufacture need to be paid accordingly. 
- No price guideline available for options at this stage.
A LOI (letter of intent) from the buyer to proceed the deal.
Then, we will prepare the contract and set up a meeting with lawyer and seller (representative of the owner) to close the deal.
We have to inform you of an important condition from the original contract between Aston Martin HQ and the owner.

Article 15. on the contract, it says;
The buyer agrees not to resale the vehicle with 12 months of delivery of the car. 

In any case, Aston Martin reserves a right of first refusal for any sale for up to 2 years post-delivery.

According to the conract, the owner can’t sell the car another 12 months of delivery of the car.

The owner agrees to sell the car now so the buyer can receive the car and all the documents at delivery of the car except the registration document.

Under the consideration of the article 15, the owner keeps registering the car for 7 months instead of 12 months, and the buyer won’t register the car for that period.

The buyer will register the car after 8 months of delivery of the car.

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