• Exterior Color: Atlantic Blue + Liquid Silver
  • Upholsory: Leather Terre D Or (CALORA 9645)
  • Wheels: 20 Inch CARACTÈRE Type Alloy Wheels with Clear Coat
  • Engine 8 liter W16 engine with 4 turbochargers
  • Medallion black carbon
  • Engine cover aluminum
  • Rear wing ATLANTIC BLUE (MET.)
  • Brake Calipers ITALIAN RED
  • Interior materiality full leather
  • Interior Color A Leather Terre D Or (CALORA 9645)
  • Interior Color B Leather Terre D Or (CALORA 9645)
  • Theme Stiching DEEP BLUE (CALORA 9665)
  • Steering Wheel Stiching DEEP BLUE (CALORA 9665)
  • Seats Comfort
  • Savety Belt Color LAKE BLUE
  • Quitling on Seats Terre D Or (CALORA 9645)
  • Logo and Stiching on Seats DEEP BLUE (CALORA 9665)

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Bugatti Chiron

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