Luxury super sports car with breathtaking performance: 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, top speed of more than 325 km/h
• Naturally aspirated V10 engine with 5.2-liter displacement and 449 kW / 610 hp, a combination of direct and indirect injection
• Extremely fast-shifting 7-speed dual-clutch transmission
• Innovative lightweight concept: hybrid chassis made from carbon fiber and aluminum
• Pure and absolute exterior design, full-LED lighting technology
• Elegant interior design, top craftsmanship and a host of individualization options
• Cockpit with fully integrated controls and virtual 12.3" TFT instrument cluster
• New dynamic mode selection concept
• Four wheel drive with new hydraulic multi-plate clutch
• Carbon-ceramic brakes as standard
• Optional variable steering and adaptive suspension


Huracán Coupé

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