Sea Hawk is a true expedition yacht, designed for those with a sense of adventure. Robust, capable and luxurious, it can travel to the most challenging environments in total luxury. With a Polar Class 6 rating, Sea Hawk has a strengthened hull that can break through 80 cm of medium first year ice with old ice inclusions, giving exceptional access to the unspoilt and majestic scenery of the Polar Regions. 

Not only is Sea Hawk able to withstand polar climates, it is equally capable in tropical climates, with the ability to travel through warm waters and up silty rivers, opening up the wonders of this unique but challenging environment. The yacht experience is just as much about the journey as it is the destination. With an 18m wide beam and six decks, there are extensive possibilities for luxury features. Sea Hawk is a true expedition yacht. With maintenance friendly systems and an impressive range, it is designed for long haul expeditions and extensive exploration. 

Some of the most beautiful locations on earth are protected by strict ecological restrictions. We have designed yachts that meet the stringent requirements of travelling through ecologically protected areas, so that these extraordinary and remote locations can be explored.


Overall Length - 103 m
Draft - 5.50 m
Top Speed - 18.2 knots
Gross Tonnage - 6400
Ice Class - Polar Class PC6
Bow thrusters - 2 x 500 kW
Stabilizers - Rolls Royce Aquarius (zero speed)
Breadth - 18.50 m
Range - 12,000 nm (12 knots)
Electric silent mode - 12 knots
Displacement - 5200 tons
Propulsion - Diesel-electric hybrid
Stern thrusters - 1 x retractable 350 kW
Guest Capacity - 12–36


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Sea Hawk - 103m

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