At 10.5ft in length, the Triton 1000/2 has a deck footprint which allows it to be easily stowed on-board your yacht. A single existing crew member can be cross-trained to pilot and maintain the submersible. The Triton 1000/2 is an excellent choice if the owner wishes to be the pilot as he or she may dive with a family member and share the experience.

The large 20″ hatch allows easy entry when boarding from yacht or surface tender. The submersible’s main ballast tanks provide superior freeboard and stability making surface transfers easy and safe.


Depth 1,000ft / 305m
Payload 440lb / 200kg
Crew Pilot + 1 Pax
Speed 3kts
Endurance 10 hours
Main Ballast 3,080lb / 1,400kg
Variable Ballast

132lb / 60kg


Size & Weight

Length 10.5ft / 3.2m
Width 8.2ft / 2.5m
Height 6.1ft / 1.85m
Weight 6,800lbs / 3,100kg
Pressure Hull Inner ⌀ 56.7 in / 1,440mm
Pressure Hull Outer ⌀ 63.4in / 1,600mm
Hatch Inner ⌀ 19.7in / 500mm



24v Supply 5 kWh
Main Battery 12.6 kWh
Main Thrusters 2x2.7 hp / 2x2 kW
Vertran Thrusters 2x2.7 hp / 2x2 kW
Control Joystick, Touchscreen & Manual Override
External Lights 4+ x 20,000 lumen LED
Life Support Oxygen + CO2 Scrubber



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